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Kosher is not a style of cooking, nor does it imply that a Rabbi blesses the food in some way. The Hebrew word "kosher" means "fit, correct or proper." The term kosher has become synonymous with purity, quality and high standards of preparation. The process of certification involves examining the ingredients used to make the food, examining the process by which the food is prepared, and periodically inspecting the processing facilities to make sure that kosher standards are maintained. This Video was brought to you by, order from your favorite kosher restaurants online today. We make kosher easy!


Is gluten-free better for you? Tom Harrington investigates The Truth Behind the Trend.

Celebrities are touting the benefits of gluten-free diet, and companies are pitching their own gluten-free products. We reveal how a serious disease is becoming a marketer's dream, and what you should know before dropping gluten from your diet.


Delicious, nutritions water, with fresh vitamins - stored in the cap! Check it out to see how you can get your vitamins instantly in your water.
Find out which flavors are the best - and the worst.

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Candy for athletes?! Yes! Maria Sharapova designed this awesome candy line for tennis players.
But is it any good?
Alycia let's you know the truth about the taste.