Want to know what a Holistic Nutritionist eats in a day?

This video is a breakdown of what I (as a nutritionist and trainer) eat in a day!
From my morning beverage - to my evening dinner, I mention the benefits and why I love to have these meals on a daily basis xo


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Dr. Shipon teaches the essence of Reiki in 10 minutes. Dr. Shipon is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey (#4738) and has been a Reiki Master for 16 years. In this video, Dr. Shipon explains how the feeling of gratitude, all by itself, can attune a person to the Reiki vibration. He also briefly explains the concepts of the three Reiki 2 symbols, and how to use them.


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Garry showcased his long awaited GTrain Fitness (GTF) system at the LA Fit Expo, January 2014. The price for the vest is $139. The cuffs and one set of bands is $80. Watch the video to see how it can help you!


Find out how Nike's Dynamic Support technology makes your feet hurt less and your running improve with the Lunarglide+5 running shoe.


My new obsession: self massage, trigger point therapy together in an incredible lil rubber ball - for much le$$ than you think!