Workout Tutorial - Arm Extension

from Team Xplore
4 years ago

In this video, we will be demonstrating how to effectively utilize the Cybex Arm Extension, a great exercise to use to zone in on your Triceps muscles.

First, align the seat height so that your upper arms are resting fully on the support pads.

Next, adjust the seat back so that your elbows are lined up on the machine

Adjust the weights to a setting you will feel comfortable lifting but will get you maximum results.

Grasp the handles and push the handles towards the floor by squeezing the muscles in the back of your arms.

Your triceps are working hard here. Work towards keeping the back of your upper arms on the pad of the machine through the entire rep and breathe freely.

For additional help on the Cybex Arm Extension, or any equipment in the Student Recreation Center, we have Fit Trainers here during operational hours. Look for their purple shirts and ask for help!

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