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5 years ago
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When it comes to bodybuilding one often thinks of the West Coast, muscle beach, and Gold's Gym - the birthplace of bodybuilding as we know it. But the sport doesn't just exist inside the bubble that is the West Coast. Enter the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym - also known as the East Coast Mecca. You can't beat Bev Francis Gym. It's become the home base for bodybuilding on the East Coast and for good reason.

With superstar bodybuilders like Kai Greene and Juan Morel calling it home - and major lifters like Jay Cutler, Flex Lewis, and Shawn Rhoden always stopping by to pay respect... the gym has quite the history of hardcore bodybuilding.

Generation Iron is proud to premiere East Coast Mecca - an inside look that puts you right into the middle of the iron along the likes of Kai, Juan, and Flex - just to name a few. Check it out in the episode above and don't forget to check back every Tuesday for the latest episode. Stay pumped!

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