V Reverse V - Intermediate Step Choreography from Power Music

6 years ago
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Free Choreography Video from PowerMusic.com

An intermediate step combo that flows perfectly between each move - a classic!. Complete 32 count and self-reversing.

Choreography Breakdown:
- V step, basic (or reverse basic) (8)
- Reverse V (4), curb walk (4)
- Peg leg forward (4), reverse turn straddle (4)
- Mambo cha cha, pivot (8)

You'll see the combo in the following order:
1)The full combo is its final form.
2)Layer 1 - the most basic version.
4)Layer 2 - variations introduced.
5)Layer 3 - the full self-reversing combo on each side.
6)Footwork - the entire combo (on each side) a close up level.

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