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5 years ago

fitnessweightlosscenter.com - Upright Rows | Traps Workouts - The upright row is a multi-joint exercise that not only works the front and middle heads of the deltoids, but also works your biceps and your trapezoids as secondary or auxiliary muscles. This is a great exercise for giving width to your shoulders and for raising your trapezius muscles as well. It's a great upper body exercise and will really help to broaden out the base of the neck and the shoulder line.

Be very careful with how much weight you use for this exercise. Too much weight leads to bad form, which in turn will cause shoulder injury. I've seen this too many times so please do not allow jerking and swinging of the weights. If you suffer from shoulder problems, then stay away from upright rows and substitute this exercise by some form of lateral raises coupled with shrugs.

The shoulders are among the body parts most likely to be injured during resistance training. And upright rows are one of those exercises which could injure them. Most of those who regularly hit the weights do this exercise incorrectly, so saying it is unsafe is not strictly true. Much of it has to do with how the exercise is performed. Simply by limiting the range of motion - that is, not lifting the elbows past the shoulders.

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