TRX Suspension Training

from Team Xplore
5 years ago

TRX is suspension training, one of the most innovative additions to core training in recent years. It’s a non-elastic, adjustable harness constructed of industrial-strength, nylon webbing which uses bodyweight as the sole source of variable resistance. It integrates the core’s postural, stabilizer and neutralizer components in all of its exercises. The TRX allows for hundreds of exercises that can accommodate all fitness levels!

TRX gives you the ability to increase intensity, variety and complexity. You will see the benefit of improved strength with greater neuromuscular control, tying in the entire sensorimotor system into your training, resulting in better mobility and stability. The recent change in fitness programming has ushered a reawakening to the value of strength and body awareness. Body awareness is the ability to move one’s own body-mass through space efficiently and powerfully. Several benefits of the TRX are the programming adaptations that have broadened the population of users capable of integrating this amazingly effective old, but all-new, style of training.

TRX is available at 12:30pm Tuesday and Thursday and 6:00am Wednesday. The group personal training classes are $10, so bring your lunch to work that day and better yourself with spending your lunch money on a great workout! TRX can also be used during a one-on-one personal training session. These sessions can be set by contacting the trainer of your choice.

For more information please contact Tara Dannehl at (214) 761-6322.

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