Over 300 Sports Drills & Exercises

5 years ago
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Dynamic Athletic Training is exactly what every athlete, coach and personal trainer is searching for. Without doubt this is the ultimate collection of exciting individual & team drills available. Using No Equipment or Special Training Aids!

Obtain an arsenal of demonstrated drills guaranteed to improve your:

•Functional Sports Specific Training•Effective First Step Explosive Speed•Balance/Coordination/Athletic Rhythm•Core & Stability Strength•Functional Warm-Up & Flexibility•Agility & Quickness•Reaction Time & Body Control•Change of Direction & Linear/Lateral Movement•Vertical Power Development

Are you a coach, athlete, personal trainer or parent who is exhausted searching for new, exciting, beneficial, cutting-edge drills & exercises?"
''Are you or your athlete's getting & burnt-out from the same repetitive monotonous practices & workouts?"
''Do you want to know - What are the pros doing?"
''What more can I do to improve myself, my team, my clients?''
This is an all in one athletic sports training DVD.
Benefit from more than 225 drills and exercises used by the top professional coaches, athletes & personal trainers from around the world. Get the most current and cutting edge approach to athletic sports training ever assembled on 2 DVD's.
PERFECT FOR - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Football, Volleyball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Rugby, Bodybuilding, Boot Camp Instructors, Boxing, Martial Arts, Personal Trainers, Phys. Ed. Instructors, Track Athletes.

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