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5 years ago
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Nexersys incorporates elements of mixed martial arts fighting strategies for a high-intensity, user-directed workout.

Nexersys features a truly unique level of user interactivity. While other home gyms often feature a platform on which a series of prescribed exercises may be done, the Nexersys experience is actually built around nuanced interaction with its users.

At its core, the Nexersys trainer is a striking machine featuring seven padded accelerometers. The accelerometers gauge how powerfully users strike the pads. This information, along with caloric burn rate, heart rate and more, will be displayed on a 19-inch flat-screen LCD monitor in order to help provide the user with real-time exercise feedback.

A readout of workout metrics is nothing particularly new in the world of fitness equipment. Nexersys takes the metrics to a new level by including sophisticated interactive software with sound. This software uses the monitor to help guide exercisers through a carefully calibrated series of follow-me programs. These exercises are supplemented with unlimited number of unique training programs using an on-board personal UFC trainer. Users can practice what they’ve learned by working through unlimited free-form strike rounds.

Nexersys got its start when CEO Terry Jones, who has a strong background in developing and launching products, decided to bring strike-based workouts into the home. Rather than requiring an exerciser to work directly with a personal trainer, the product Jones had in mind would enable that exerciser to control his or her pace and development in a high-intensity impact training environment. In order to counteract the loss of the personal trainer while still providing useful training, the exercise equipment would need to feature a then-unprecedented level of user interactivity. These general ideas, requirements for Jones’s as-of-yet uninvented brainchild, would give shape to the product that is now Nexersys.

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