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2 years ago

GAIN Muscle:
Does the wellness industry have stability? Is it a viable job option for you or others? If you want to become a personal trainer or nutritionist, and you are just starting out in your career, is it wise to jump in now or wait? A thorough analysis of the situation is pertinent before such action steps can be made.

One must first define their location and demographic. For example, in Hershey Pennsylvania, there are many viable candidates that could enrich their lives through nutrition coaching, but they do not know where to turn. The demographic is willing and able. In a third world country, however, the concern is not on health and fitness, but on basic survival. It would not be wise to market there.

If you have an interest in the wellness sectors of fitness and nutrition and are considering a career in one or both of these sectors and wants to get in early in order to gain the greatest amount of economic and financial leverage, you may want to take pause and analyze the situation first.

Fist, one must define what constitutes the industry and the sectors. The sectors we will concentrate on first are the fitness and nutrition sectors. The fitness sector is defined primarily by fitness clubs, fitness equipment, and personal trainers. The nutrition sector is defined by vitamins, nutritional supplements, nutritionists, health food products and restaurants. According to Wharton educated economist P. Pilzer, the U.S. health club industry did $24 billion in sales in 2000, and the U.S. dietary supplement industry did $70 billion, and the entire wellness industry at $200 billion.

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