Hydro Cardio

6 years ago
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As with land fitness, water fitness offers a variety of benefits. However, there are clearly some basic differences between the two:
o Due to the water cooling your core body temperature during workout, you sweat and burn calories, but you don’t even realize it!
o The buoyancy principle of water allows your body to work out without excessive impact to your bones & joints!
o Water resistance may provide 12-14 times more intensity resistance (aquatic movement serves as an adjustable water “weight machine”)
o Info: This class challenges you to increase your heart rate and lung capacity. It will be a faster moving class requiring a higher O2 intake, resulting in a higher fat burn and potentially lowering blood pressure and increasing HDL (“The good cholesterol”)

o Water shoes

Price: $10/person. Guest fee applies.

So join the fun, enjoyment and a dose of vitamin D

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