DBell Week Complexes

from Team Xplore
3 years ago


This workout will def tax your entire body PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY. When players get physically & Mentally tired they break down and make mistakes. That's when HIIT SQUAD will take over and DOMINATE the GAME.

Speed, Agility, Quickness, Reactive Core Power =

Resistance training in general, increases testosterone and growth hormone, during and immediately after post excercise.

Muscle confusion workouts mix up the routines so the muscles have a harder time adapting, which causes them to work harder and produce visible results. By changing around the exercises — so that the body does not become accustomed to the same movements each workout — you can prevent the body from adapting and as a result avoid a muscle building plateaus.

All sports require an element of explosive movement and force generation. The progression of each athlete will be determined by their ability to master proper technique of each exercise with given resistance.

Dave Keeter/President dkeeter1@cox.net
Joseph Foulis/VP joehiitsquadtraining@cox.net

* As always contact your doctor before doing any physical activity, I assume no liability as a result of this video.

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