10 Popular Celebrity Butt Injections

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# 10 Popular Celebrity Butt Injections :
It’s no surprise that a number of celebrities have had a considerable amount of work done on their bodies. Some celebs are very forthright about this, while others are pretty coy concerning their plastic surgeries. Some cosmetic procedures can truly enhance the look of a celebrity, while others, unfortunately, cause these famous people’s looks to take a turn for the worst.

While some celebrities opt for nose jobs or Botox injections to enhance their facial structure and make them appear younger, there are also a number of people in Hollywood who are getting butt injections. That’s right. Some individuals think that injecting fat into their backsides will improve their figures and make them look better in bikinis. For the most part this could be true. However, for some the injections went a little too far, and now their butts are what people think about the most when someone mentions the celebrity’s name. Depending on what line of work you’re in, this could be a plus, but it’s safe to say that most celebrities wanted their butt injections to at least look a little natural. For some, the rear end enhancements worked quite well, and of course other celebs weren’t so lucky. Here are 10 famous people who actually admitted to getting butt injections.

10. Kristina and Karissa Shannon
9. Vanity Wonder
8. Shekinah Jo
7. Tiny Harris
6. K. Michelle
5. Countess Vaughn
4. Renee Graziano
3. Chloe Sims
2. Jenna Jameson
1. Heidi Montag

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