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In this video, we will demonstrate how to effectively utilize the Cybex Eagle Pulldown and show you how to set up this upper back exercise for best results.

First, adjust the seat height to align shoulders with the height decal on the machine.

Next, adjust the thigh pad for stabilization during the exercise. You should feel secure in the machine, but comfortable.

Adjust the weights to a setting you will feel comfortable lifting but will get you maximum results.

Grasp the handles and sit with thighs under the pad

Finally, pull the handles down until your elbows are approximately level with your shoulders.

Keep your mid-section braced, chest lifted, and as always, breathe throughout the exercise.

You can also pull the handles out towards the side while pulling down to make the movement more difficult.

This machine is working your Latissimus Dorsi or "Lats" and Biceps are working hard here. Keep in mind that this exercise takes a little practice so be patient, and give yourself a few attempts at this exercise to get

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fitnessweightlosscenter.com - Upright Rows | Traps Workouts - The upright row is a multi-joint exercise that not only works the front and middle heads of the deltoids, but also works your biceps and your trapezoids as secondary or auxiliary muscles. This is a great exercise for giving width to your shoulders and for raising your trapezius muscles as well. It's a great upper body exercise and will really help to broaden out the base of the neck and the shoulder line.

Be very careful with how much weight you use for this exercise. Too much weight leads to bad form, which in turn will cause shoulder injury. I've seen this too many times so please do not allow jerking and swinging of the weights. If you suffer from shoulder problems, then stay away from upright rows and substitute this exercise by some form of lateral raises coupled with shrugs.

The shoulders are among the body parts most likely to be injured during resistance training. And upright rows are one of those exercises which could injure them. Most of those who regularly hit the weights do this exercise incorrectly

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Alycia Darby

One easy exercise to get great shoulders without bulking up.

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Alycia Darby

3-in-1 exercise to get toned arms - works all major muscle groups

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Alycia Darby

Nike Free Bionic shoe - a cross-training "barefoot" shoe with flywire mesh fabric that's breathable and support in the toe and arch.
At the time of posting, this shoe was only $95 on www.Nike.com - and it's a brand new style!

Music by Group 1 Crew "Let it Roll"

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8-Week Series to Get A Better Body!

Exercise - Muscle - Weight - Reps or Time - Comments

Bent Over Kick-Backs Triceps 1 pound each hand 20 reps Bend knees deeply, use core, back is flat

Jumping Jacks Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Hip Raises Hamstrings 8 pounds in lap 20-30 reps Balance the weights on hips

High Knees Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Bicep Curls with Elbows on stomach Biceps 4 pounds each hand 20-30 reps Bend knees slightly, palms face up

180 Jump Squats Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Single Sided Lunges Quads 4 pounds each hand 20-30 reps Alternate the foot stepping forward, the heel absorbs the impact

Toe Taps Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Lateral Raises Shoulders 1 pound each hand 20-30 reps Keep a very slight bend in the elbow

Jack and Punch Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Standing Side Leg Lifts Hips/Abductor N/A 20-30 reps Hold onto wall for balance, Flex foot

Floor Taps Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Incline (hand on bench, feet on floor) Push Ups Chest N/A 20-30 reps Done on knees or

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Alycia Darby

Guys explain and demonstrate their workout routines and favorite exercises at Bally Total Fitness in NYC New York City. More info about our video projects at topphotovideo.com/new-york-city-videographer.htm We are available to produce your fitness, bodybuilding and workout training videos.