Strength Training


Personal Trainer Kirk DeWindt shows Carrie several strength training exercises for endurance runners. This 8-exercise routine will help to build and shape the muscles that support you while you run. C Tolle Run, Episode 135


Andrew Roeder, JMU '08, previous JMU S&C Assistant, West Point S&C Intern, and now U.S. Army Officer in training, performs the latest 300 rep workout. This workout was inspired by the movie "300," and the toughness of the Spartan Warriors.

See how fast you can get all 300 reps with good technique.


Just wrapped up editing the full Elite CrossFit video. If you're in the San Antonio (281 & 1604) area, and are looking for a great CrossFit box to work out in, be sure to check out Elite CrossFit. The address is at the end of the video and they offer free workouts during their open houses. If you're also looking for affordable promo vids for your business, please contact me and feel free to add me on Facebook too. Enjoy.

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MMA, Wrestling and other combat sports require and unique combination of strength, speed, endurance. Here are some unconventional techniques I use with some of my fighters.

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0:00 Hey guys, here is a great example of what a solid strength training workout for triathlon would look like. Check out to get your free tri workout training plan.


Celeb Fitness Trainer, Alycia Darby shares an easy variation on Calf Raises to work the full calf for sexy legs.
Studio: Circuit Works, Santa Monica


One easy exercise to get great shoulders without bulking up.