High Intensity



Follow Coach N and the Franks family in their exclusive Canterbury based CrossFit gym. Ben, Owen and their father Ken Franks explain how their dream training gym(s) came to light and follow them as they develop both their unique approach to the increasingly popular CrossFit style of training.

This is the first of a series of short films showcasing Ben and Owen as they contribute and develop themselves in the art of CrossFit. Each episode the Franks boys will give the CrossFit public a unique workout to try for themselves. Episode One's workout is named after Ben Franks' Aranui high school.

Aranui CrossFit Workout:
30 sec - knee wrestling (in pairs of two)
1 min - 15 meter shuttles with a jumping burpee at each
5 rounds - with a 30 sec rest between rounds

The final score is based on how many shuttle-runs you can complete in 5 rounds.

Episode 2: vimeo.com/28033045


BoxFitness is a strength and conditioning gym located in Worcester, UK. We design our training programs around your fitness level and build on that. Our aim is to combine fun and fitness. Box Fitness centre is a place to get fit and learn new skills. You are trained just like a boxer which includes warm up with strength training, skipping, bag work, shadow boxing, pad work and cool down.

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Check out Ged here at Lytham YMCA with a fellow class member for a flavour of what Boxercise is really about! Ding ding round 2?


9 Deadlifts @ 70kg
12 Pushups
15 Box Jumps @ 24"

- AMRAP in 15min

Christian Miranda - 7 Rounds + 9 Deadlifts + 12 Pushups