Fitness author and WNBF Pro bodybuilder Darin Steen demonstrates the "dumbbell push & pull", one of the best exercises for strengthening your abs and your core. For more unique exercise videos like this, please visit the web's largest collection of free abdominal workouts and ab exercises at: AmazingAbs.com

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1. Do workouts that build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

When you are trying to get ripped (which means building muscle while burning fat to display those ripped muscles) – It is best that you do not waste your time doing ONLY muscle building or fat burning workouts so…
Make sure you do workouts like circuit training, sledgehammer workouts, tire flip workouts, complexes, and hill sprints and…

You want to avoid cardio workouts (which do very little for fat burning anyway) and You want to avoid doing arm, chest, back, shoulder and leg muscle building workouts unless you want to make those certain parts of your body look better but…

You will not get ripped just by lifting weights unless you combine your weight training with some type of fat burning exercise and as an example of workout you can do to get ripped…

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High volume and high intensity delts workout. Trying to keep the reps up und the rest short. Tough...

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Listen, we know pulling the weight up is tough. Most who do this exercise turn their torso to make matters easier. Lots just try to swing it up to make it easier. Doing that is like listening to that guy brag about throwing a sixty yard tight spiral with a Vortex. That's great and all, but you're interested in becoming better, not impressing people who know no better.

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3-in-1 exercise to get toned arms - works all major muscle groups

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Alycia Darby

8-Week Series to Get A Better Body!

Exercise - Muscle - Weight - Reps or Time - Comments

Bent Over Kick-Backs Triceps 1 pound each hand 20 reps Bend knees deeply, use core, back is flat

Jumping Jacks Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Hip Raises Hamstrings 8 pounds in lap 20-30 reps Balance the weights on hips

High Knees Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Bicep Curls with Elbows on stomach Biceps 4 pounds each hand 20-30 reps Bend knees slightly, palms face up

180 Jump Squats Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Single Sided Lunges Quads 4 pounds each hand 20-30 reps Alternate the foot stepping forward, the heel absorbs the impact

Toe Taps Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Lateral Raises Shoulders 1 pound each hand 20-30 reps Keep a very slight bend in the elbow

Jack and Punch Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Standing Side Leg Lifts Hips/Abductor N/A 20-30 reps Hold onto wall for balance, Flex foot

Floor Taps Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Incline (hand on bench, feet on floor) Push Ups Chest N/A 20-30 reps Done on knees or toes

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Alycia Darby

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