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Use these four Pilates moves to strengthen your core and help prevent injury. For fast results, try to practice these moves three times a week. Subscribe to 3V: More Shows from 3V: Join 3V for fitness advice and practical health tips that will help you transform your body. Let our trainers whip you into shape with time-saving workouts and customized routines. Subscribe to 3V for a daily dose of health and fitness motivation. Your body will thank you.

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Challenging core routine from Building a Better Runner, Vol.2 from

7:17 Personal trainer Kai Wheeler out of San Diego, CA takes you through three exercises to build core strength. Very commonly when people here the term "core" they think of a visible six pack. In actuality the core includes the deep muscles of the abdominals, pelvic floor, and lower back that function to stabilize the spine. Essentially the core links the upper and lower body. These muscles are very key for injury prevention, posture and balance. Core strength benefits people of all ages with different goals. The key to core strength is mastering the pelvic tilt and thoracic extension simultaneously to achieve neutral spine.


As a 52-year-old lifelong cyclist and coach, Chris Carmichael gets a lot of questions about what he does for core strength work. Chris's view is that greater core strength or stability doesn't directly make you faster or more powerful on the bike, but that it is an important component of living an athlete's lifestyle and it helps prevent discomfort and injuries that could otherwise take you out of the game. Here are the top 10 exercises Chris uses and recommends for cyclists - especially 40+ year old cyclists. Complete all 10 exercises 2-3 times per training session, and incorporate this core strength workout into your training 2-3 times a week when you're not riding as much (i.e. winter), 1-2 times per week when your on-bike training load is higher. For more visit


Download Your "In Home" Primal Strength Workout here: Start your 5 Day Ninja Parkour Course here: Top 5 AB Exercises For Parkour - Core Training Calisthenics Today we share with you our top 5 ab exercises for parkour. In parkour, any sport, and body movement in general the core plays a vital role. We need to strengthen and develop the core for movement. We share with you our top 5 ab/core exercises. We also show the variations from Beginner level to Super Ninja level. Train safe, Thomas Subscribe to our channel here - Follow us on Instagram here - Like us on facebook here: top 5 ab exercises calisthenics core

8:57 - Human Foundations Series A barbell core workout routine for the advanced fitness enthusiast. These core training exercises are highly beneficial for developing rotational strength. For more information on core workouts, kettlebell training, MMA training, pain management and structural integration, visit: © 2012 by Functional Patterns. All rights reserved

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Get fit with a fun pole dance workout using X-Pole's top-of-the-line pole dance and fitness equipment! All X-Pole products feature the most advanced engineering in the world of pole fitness and have been developed in consultation with leading dancers and fitness instructors to meet the demands of pole dance professionals.

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