Demonstrating pure strength through calisthenics.


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my attempt,the push ups are bad i'll post a better one next time.


These simple calisthenics can help warm up you up for a workout, but are also good at the office for taking a break from sitting at your desk. Get the blood moving and your muscles used. Try it out!


This is my favorite sequence for an overall workout dynamic warmup. I recommend this to all athletes. It combines calisthenics and stretching in just 4 minutes.


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8-Week Series to Get A Better Body!

Exercise - Muscle - Weight - Reps or Time - Comments

Bent Over Kick-Backs Triceps 1 pound each hand 20 reps Bend knees deeply, use core, back is flat

Jumping Jacks Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Hip Raises Hamstrings 8 pounds in lap 20-30 reps Balance the weights on hips

High Knees Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Bicep Curls with Elbows on stomach Biceps 4 pounds each hand 20-30 reps Bend knees slightly, palms face up

180 Jump Squats Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Single Sided Lunges Quads 4 pounds each hand 20-30 reps Alternate the foot stepping forward, the heel absorbs the impact

Toe Taps Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Lateral Raises Shoulders 1 pound each hand 20-30 reps Keep a very slight bend in the elbow

Jack and Punch Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Standing Side Leg Lifts Hips/Abductor N/A 20-30 reps Hold onto wall for balance, Flex foot

Floor Taps Heart/Cardio N/A 1 minute

Incline (hand on bench, feet on floor) Push Ups Chest N/A 20-30 reps Done on knees or toes