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There are a fair number of traps in this exercise. Places where you could get caught and Madoff'd. Do not jerk the weight from floor; arise steadily then accelerate. The clean-and-jerk is multi-movement lift. In the clean portion of the performance, the barbell is lifted from floor to shoulders. In the jerk half, the barbell is driven from shoulders to arms length overhead. The lift is complete when feet are in line and bar is under control. Got it, as that was our Cliff Notes version.

The video was developed for Nu Akalegbore -a Young male who has excelled in power lifting while working on his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering. He is also working at Fitness First as a Personal Trainer.

This video was developed to assist him in obtaining sponsorships and donations. The movie was compiled using mostly images using a point and shoot camera, and videos recorded using flip phones. Any recommendations or suggestions to better my skills and the quality of the movie will be appreciated. Thank you


An exercise used to promote strength and power to the upper body while increasing coordination between the upper and lower body. Speed is very important which allows the individual performing the exercise to get under the bar. Muscles worked are the Shoulders, Triceps and Upper Back.

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Lifting big weight's cool and all, but lifting weight well is Zach Morris status (apologies in advance to A.C. Slater). Challenge yourself, but preserve form here, which means not jerking the weight up, and not leaning back. Who wins with you cheating?

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