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Build lean muscle to increase your metabolism and create the perfect physique with this full body workout that is adaptable to both men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

My personal training client Karen Getting a boxing workout in Brooklyn, NY

Improve your quickness and timing with rope training. Strengthen your abs and build cardiovascular endurance. This workout consists of three rounds, 10 different exercises, 30 seconds each.

Some of the plyometric and calisthenic exercises I usually throw into my workouts. This workout is structured as a circuit with short rests for stretching.

my attempt,the push ups are bad i'll post a better one next time.

quick sample of circuit workout and how effective it could be. For more of my videos and free information about home exercises and workout routines please visit

Just 2 days left... is coming! The hottest Calisthenic Community for all da crews out there ya! Welcome to a new level of lifestyle... this is it!

Demonstrating pure strength through calisthenics.