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When you combine Pilates, hand weights, and cardio, you get one wicked workout. And by wicked, we mean really fun and really effective.

This 30 Minute Mat Pilates features mostly traditional Pilates Mat exercises fused with some traditional strength training exercises.

Basic Pilates Mat Workout with Brooke Tyler in Asheville. Classical Pilates mat work suited especially for newer clients developing core strength. Safe and effective for a home workout.

In this 30 minute Pilates for Beginners video, Jessica goes over the basics of Pilates and takes you through a great workout. Modifications and explanations are included throughout.

Pilates instructor Angie Palomo shares the top 3 pilates tips for beginners with ChicagoNow blogger Maya Henderson (breath, body & balance)

Here are 6 of our favourite advanced yoga poses, including the bird of paradise pose. Don't forget to subscribe to FiT!

Learn the foundations of Headstand pose or Sirsasana! In this video we build integrity and increase awareness for a strong supported headstand.