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Training for your first marathon should take about six months as you build up to longer and longer distances, and it requires sticking to a strict schedule and routine.

How to train for the 13.1 mile race distance. Whether you are a beginner runner or an advanced marathoner, these tips and workouts are designed to help you run faster!

Hey guys! These are the 20 SCARIEST Extreme PARKOUR Moments Caught On Camera. *Re-uploaded* I hope you all enjoy this video.

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Improve Your Balance - 7 Simple Exercises - Beginner to Advanced Subscribe to our channel here - Follow us on Instagram here -

Use these four Pilates moves to strengthen your core and help prevent injury. For fast results, try to practice these moves three times a week.

Challenging core routine from Building a Better Runner, Vol.2 from Personal trainer Kai Wheeler out of San Diego, CA takes you through three exercises to build core strength.