Microsoft Swallows Up Sidekick-Maker Danger, Buries It Deep In Org Chart Hell

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margueritemccoll288 on July 11, 2019 - 5:39am

The society announced the launch of the website, , on Thursday. It's a searchable database of photographs, video, audio segments, oral histories and documents about the unrest last April and its aftermath.

In a statement late Thursday, the March for Life organization said neither a president nor a vice president has ever spoken at the event, now in its 44th year. One of President Donald Trump's top advisers, Kellyanne Conway, is also on the list of speakers.

Danger co-founders Matt Hershenson and Joe Britt, two of the guys behind the Sidekick, might want to print a copy of Microsoft's press release to keep track of the org chart they're about to join: Hershenson and Britt report to Roz Ho, corporate vice president of Microsoft's new Premium Mobile Experiences team. Ho reports to Andy Lees, senior vice president of the Mobile Communications Business. That's a group within Microsoft's (MSFT) Entertainment and Devices Division, headed by Robbie Bach. Bach's boss is Steve Ballmer.

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Tall ships carrying climate change banners sailed into Australia's Sydney Harbour on Saturday launching a wave of protest across 95 countries organized by New York-based lobby group

Climate change is of great concern in the Pacific region with Pacific Island nations declaring on Friday that it is their "single greatest threat" and urging Washington to return to the Paris Agreement on climate., which had revenue of $16.8 million according to its 2017 financial statements, has co-ordinated 850 events around the world by linking local organizations, which in Australia included Get Up!, Greenpeace and the Climate Action Network.

Got it? Now get back to work figuring out how to beat Apple's (AAPL) iPhone, RIM's (RIMM) BlackBerry Pearl, and whatever your old friend Andy Rubin (Danger co-founder/former CEO) is cooking up at Google with Android.

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The protests have been timed to build climate change action ahead of the Global Climate Action Summit, said in a statement, where political, business and entertainment leaders including the Hungary President Janos Ader, Ikea Group chief executive Jesper Brodin and actor Harrison Ford are scheduled to speak.

The summit, whose sponsors include Google, Facebook, the United Nations and Bloomberg Philanthropies, is planned for September 12 to 14 in California, less than 60 days before the U.S. mid-term elections where climate is expected to be an issue.

The president of the March for Life organization, Jeanne Mancini, called Pence "a friend and champion of the pro-life cause his entire career" — first as a congressman, then as Indiana governor and now as vice president.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe office in Albania says Tuesday that 140 tons of two napalm components — aluminum oxide and xylenol — were packed and ready to be taken by ship to France for destruction.

Americans remain deeply divided on the issue. The latest Gallup survey, released last spring, found that 47 percent of Americans described themselves as pro-choice and 46 percent as pro-life. It also found that 79 percent believed abortion should be legal in either some or all circumstances.

The Nov. 29th and Dec. 12th marches were to be the main vectors for public participation in the talks, which will bring nearly 200 world leaders and tens of thousands of activists and others to Paris in hopes of agreeing on measures to limit global warming.

PARIS (AP) — Climate activists have reacted with dismay to the French government's decision to ban two scheduled mass marches across Paris and other French cities during crucial global climate change talks later this month.