Logo Design Trends of 2008

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•First make a list of five good logo designing companies, after that check their logo prices how much they charge for designing a logo. Choose that company who charge less & provide effective logo design.

Logo design is an art and there is no strict rule for custom logo design. The success of a logo depends on the creativity and efficiency of the designer. However, a brand logo must meet a certain standard and to do that successfully, you should follow some basic principles.

The emergence of the information age changed the face of logos and logo design. Today, the general public has become increasingly aware of visual symbols, especially those used as trademarks. It is important that the company logo look professional. Company logos are the face of the business, not only to the public, but to its employees and the company itself. Logos have become the front line of the company, the corporate identity.

As a logo designer, you cannot afford to dwell in your own world only and understand the design concepts  yourself. Your client for whom you are designing the logo, if not well-versed, should be aware about how you are going about with the whole logo designing process. From the moment you start sketching the lines in your blank canvas, the drafts and blueprints can be mailed to a client and a designer then waits for the feedback. When checking out the scale of balance, it will be observed that the professional designers know their job better. The clients also need to know the level till which they should interfere in the working process. Too much poking of the nose can lead to curbing of the creative flair of a logo specialist.

It is always a wise decision to present only the top ideas before a client. This helps a logo specialist to do away with confusion that might crop up when a whole range of designing ideas is presented to a client. In order to keep a client less confused, presentation of only the top ideas proves crucial. When  as a designer you are being selected, then there is no need to impress a client by going out of your way. A professional has a better understanding of his work but at the same time the suggestions of clients also needs to be paid heed to.

However, a great logo design contest comes only through a great designer. And, you can find a good designer through recommendation or by searching online. Moreover, you must search for a designer who has a clear understanding of marketing. He/she should have an understanding of brand culture. He/she is going to have a proven method and a portfolio comprising of other businesses. And, one of the main factors to be considered when choosing a designer is what style they use. Make sure that you hire a designer who has a style statement that goes along with your requirements.

The reason behind it is similarity of logo, like many companies copied their logo design so they decided to change their logo!!There is one more question is why every big organization have their own unique logo designs.  I know what will be the answer of every user?

As many peoples say that a company is make complete with many things like their employees, working environment, locality, facilities, their products, prices etc. But it is my opinion to make a company complete, logo is an important factor for this.  

5.     Your Logo Should Look Equally Attractive in Monotone Format- Design a simple logo so that it can retain its visual appeal in black and white format. At first you should design the logo in black and white and then add colors to it. This way you can be certain about your logo’s aesthetic appeal.

2.     Your Logo Should Be Easy to Memorize- To design a memorable logo, focus on two factors- color and shape. Every color has a meaning and make sure that you choose the colors that match with your corporate identity. For example, if you sell organic food items, you can use green in your logo design to reflect your “nature friendly” image.

From my experience as a logo designer, I have conclusion there are 3 kind of logo type:
1. The logo represent for your vision mission.
2. The logo represent for your branding name.
3. The logo represent for your product.
If there any logo has represent the all of them, that is the perfectly logo.

In the ancient ages before people recognize the word ‘logo’, they used symbol to identify their group, they used drawing, color, shapes etc. They believe that it could inspire and give a spirit for people belonged to the group.

The single logo represents the company brand & define about the company, what they offer, which are they and many more things. Like every person identified by their unique name. So it is most important to make a unique logo design & to choose a good logo design company.  There are some major factor which helps you to choose a good logo design company such as :

It has been emphasized time and again that if there is any lack in communication between the client and a logo designer, it can be one of the chief loopholes that can bring about inconsistency in the logo that is being crafted. Communication is necessary so that the logo specialist working on a business sign is able to get the right essence of the industry that he is working for. Merging of the client's vision with the designing perspective of a logo specialist needs to be reflected in the logo drafted. However, often a client goes absolutely haywire and it results in stilted conversation between a sign maker and the professional. When a client tries to impose, knocking his inappropriate suggestions out of the designing canvas is the job of the professional, which he needs to be dealt tactfully.

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