Let's face facts.  Even though we all know that they are far from the most important muscles on our bodies, we men still long to possess bigger biceps.  Even those guys who don't necessarily long for huge biceps still want their arms to look fit.  Nice round, hard biceps along with thick cut triceps give the arms an appearance of power and fitness whether you're wearing a shirt or sporting only skin.  However, for many hard-gainers out there, it's just not clear hot to get bigger biceps.  And, with such a wide array of biceps workouts available, it can be hard to pin down which biceps exercises will work best for each individual. 

Let's face facts: Some folks can pretty much do any old standard biceps workouts and see results.  We've all seen them at the gym - those guys blessed with the genetics of Greek gods who never have to worry about how to squeeze the most from their exercises.  They lift, they grow and it's as simple as that.  But what about the rest of us who just don't seem to see results no matter what biceps workout we try?  And, what about those of us who have

Most people don't drink enough water in their daily lives.  Ask any doctor about a condition you are experiencing, and in most cases, the response you get will include instructions to "drink plenty of fluids.  " Since water makes up more than half of your entire body, it makes sense why you need to consume a lot of it.  In fact, you can live for a few weeks without food, but you will die within only a few days if you don't have access to water.  Scientists disagree exactly how much water intake is recommended per day, but it's generally in the range of 8-12 cups.  But what happens if you exceed that amount of water?  Does drinking too much water start to become bad for you at some point? 

The answer may surprise you.  In the unlikely scenario that you drink more water than your body is physically able to process, it can lead to a condition called "water intoxication."  The problem, however, has less to do with drinking too much water and much more to do with not balancing your water intake with electrolytes.  Luckily, the only people who are usually at risk from water

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Recent fitness trends show no sign of flagging as we enter 2016.  Yoga and Pilates have evolved into perennials along with step aerobics.  Newer trends like boot camp workouts, body weight resistance and gimmicky 5K and 10K races (color runs, mud runs, zombie runs) remain popular.  Nevertheless, there are a few new exercise trends competing for your workout time and dollars. 

Trade in Boot Camp for Paw Camp Based on the theories that overweight people tend to have overweight dogs, and that workouts are more fun with company, there are up and coming programs that include you and your pooch.  Both canine and human diets are overhauled, and both participate in exercise routines that include hiking, running, and agility training/obstacle courses. 

Belly Up to the Barre Barre workouts, which are based on the training ballet dancers undergo (the barre is the waist-level railing dancers hold onto while moving through positions), has been building in buzz for several years, but it is really hitting the mainstream now.  It hits a couple of sweet spots in current exercise trends:

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Legs.  Men love them, and women love showing them off.  From skimpy swimsuits to sexy miniskirts, we continually find ways to accentuate our best features.  Try as we might, though, we cannot always prevent cellulite, lumpy and dimpled fat deposits that resembles cottage cheese or an orange peel, typically noticed on our legs, hips and buttocks. 

Countless procedures – medical and non-medical, surgical and non-surgical – offer alleged "cures" to cellulite, including everything from medicinal injections to herbal body wraps available at most spas.  And while all these supposed cures exist, each person responds differently to various treatments and procedures.  Some at-home remedies for cellulite may be just as effective as a complex procedure like mesotherapy, which involves microinjections of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and medications.  These chemicals react with the fat deposits in the targeted areas where the injections occur, dissolving the fat deposits and shrinking the fat cells.  If heaving over a heap of cash to smooth out the cellulite from your legs isn’t in your