A P90X Primer


P90X is an abbreviated way of saying Power 90 Extreme. It's the second act of Beach Body and Tony Horton’s archetype Power 90 program - the program that made both Tony and Beach Body renowned in the home fitness world. Even so, this time around, Tony’s 90-day physical fitness plan is retooled and set up to help you get in the most bang-up shape of your life. This world-class, first-rate, fat burning 90-day journey, nets superior results, no gym membership required.

The Bedrock of P90X

A crack squad of physical fitness experts, men of science, and the world-famous Tony Horton underwent painstaking feats across months and months to produce the P90X program. The program they created consists of 12 assorted physical exercise routines, broken into three distinguishable phrases, each 30-days long. At the conclusion of each 30-day phase, you record your progression and move to the following phase where you garner a totally new chance to “bring it” thanks to brand-new, assorted and muscle stimulating workouts.

P90X employs the scientific discipline of muscle confusion, so that your muscles never get too accustomed to doing the identical drill. Muscle confusion ensures that your progress never plateaus.

The Exercises

There are armed forces style pushups, hundreds of chin-ups, virtually thousands of various weight training processes, plyometric (jump) training, high intensity level cardio routines, yoga and even Kenpo karate as part of this phenomenal program. There is something for everyone, and it will keep you on your toes, over and over again.

One of the most smashing things about P90X is that anybody can do it, irrespective of age, gender or previous injuries. Tony and company demonstrate how to modify each drill to get on par with your current degree of physical fitness.

Then, as you become stronger and more able-bodied over that 90-day rotation, you are able to do more, lift more, push more and pull more. And because you record your progress during each workout, you finish P90X with a 90-day journal, recapping how far you've come.

The idea for P90X is unequivocal: “Do your best, and forget the rest.” Do what you are able to do, and keep pushing play. After 90-days, you'll witness a difference in your body, and if you abide by the program and eating plan as is recommended, that divergence will be intense.


Each P90X routine requires a trifle over 60 minutes to complete. Prior to commencing this revolutionary physical fitness journey, schedule roughly an hour and half per day, six days a week.

In order for P90X to be authentically hard-hitting, you have to stick with it to the letter. Your workouts have to become as non-negotiable as anything else that's significant to you. Line up a time that works for you day-to-day and stick with it. Add your workout to your calendar or to you to do list. Hold yourself accountable and you will see the results you're after. Moreover, since the P90X program can be executed completely in the comfort of one's own home, you have no excuses not to bring it each and every day.


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