High-Intensity Biceps Workout for Guaranteed Bigger Biceps


Let's face facts.  Even though we all know that they are far from the most important muscles on our bodies, we men still long to possess bigger biceps.  Even those guys who don't necessarily long for huge biceps still want their arms to look fit.  Nice round, hard biceps along with thick cut triceps give the arms an appearance of power and fitness whether you're wearing a shirt or sporting only skin.  However, for many hard-gainers out there, it's just not clear hot to get bigger biceps.  And, with such a wide array of biceps workouts available, it can be hard to pin down which biceps exercises will work best for each individual. 

Let's face facts: Some folks can pretty much do any old standard biceps workouts and see results.  We've all seen them at the gym - those guys blessed with the genetics of Greek gods who never have to worry about how to squeeze the most from their exercises.  They lift, they grow and it's as simple as that.  But what about the rest of us who just don't seem to see results no matter what biceps workout we try?  And, what about those of us who have plateaued on their regular biceps workouts? 

Well, there is a biceps exercise plan that can grow bigger biceps on even the hardest of hard-gainers.  This particular biceps workout comes as only two phases.  It's simple, effective and its chief principles are pretty plain: Use heavy weights to encourage bigger biceps growth; flood each biceps muscle with blood and nutrients with a good pump; isolate the biceps muscles for stronger, more effective contractions.

Note: If you do your biceps workout without a proper warm-up you are risking injury and low-productivity.  Make sure you do a warm-up set or two with very low weight to get the biceps ready for action.

Biceps Workout:  Phase 1

Standing Barbell Curl (Four sets of 6 to 10 reps)

You can't grow bigger biceps without using heavy weights.  So, after a proper warm-up, you'll want to hit things hard with some heavy iron.  You'll start with standing barbell curls because they will allow you to use more weight than most isolation biceps workouts.  This biceps exercise is best done initially, because that's when you have the most strength.  You don't want to be tired when you're challenging your biceps with max weight.  It is for this reason, that you will take longer breaks between each set.  This will give your biceps muscles a better chance to recover so they will be ready to lift as much weight as possible on the next rep.  Make sure to move up the weight in increments doing reps of 6 to ten.  When you get to eleven, go up on weight.

Note: If you're not using proper form, you're wasting your time and risking injury.  You're not going to build bigger biceps this way.  You might as well be chasing your tail.  Stand straight and don't swing the weight up with the help of other muscles.  Make sure your biceps are doing the work.

Biceps Workout:  Phase 2

Preacher Biceps Curls (Four sets of 6 to 10 reps)

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to grow bigger biceps is leaving the gym without a 'pump.'  The object of a good biceps workout is to encourage growth.  Let me tell you, if you're muscles aren't swollen and 'pumped up' after your workout, the odds of you growing bigger biceps are extremely low.  The 'pump' you see and feel is blood filling the veins in your biceps muscles.  For some people, this comes naturally.  But for others, it must be manipulated.  In Phase 2 of this bigger biceps workout, you're going to do just that by making sure you take very short rests between each rep.  Make sure you squeeze on each contraction while concentrating on the biceps muscle.  Since you will be partially exhausted from Phase 1, you're going to have to use lighter weight, but that's OK.  You've already challenged your biceps muscles with heavier weights.  The object now is to generate strong, burning contractions and a nice swelling pump.

You're going to feel this workout, believe me.  Don't take much rest between reps.  The ideal time should only be about 15 seconds.  This may sound daunting, but this biceps workout will help shock the muscles and give you your best biceps.  One last note about rest and diet.  If you don't give your body proper nutrition you have no chance at growing bigger biceps.  Make sure to get lots of protein and healthy low-glycemic carbohydrates.  Also, overworking your muscles by doing biceps workouts too frequently can actually cause you to lose muscle.  So, make sure you wait about four to five days between your biceps exercises.


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