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More often than not, it's the little things that can make or break your performance in a game. Almost all athletes with long hair have experienced the struggle of trying to keep your hair out of your face while you participate in your sport. While the problem is universal, there has really never been a product that consistently keeps sweaty hair out of your eyes effectively--until now. The CrossGrip Hairband by MaxFlow Sports uses patented technology to keep your hair in place, without the band stretching out over time. It's so effective, in fact, that it is used by athletes of all levels (from amateurs to pros) around the world.

MaxFlow Sports was founded by high school lacrosse coach Steve Hines, who realized that his players were constantly struggling with how to keep their hair out of their eyes while on the field. After doing some research, Hines discovered that there really wasn't a high-performance sports hairband on the market. Most products would slide around on players' heads or would stretch out over time, rendering them useless. Quitting his fulltime job, Hines vowed to fix the problem, and he worked hard to create the CrossGrip Hairband.

The science behind the CrossGrip Hairband is a closely-guarded secret--and it's so unique that MaxFlow Sports was recently able to patent the design. The result, however, is the first band of its kind that really does stay in place without stretching out, keeping your hair back out of your face at all times. The band also effectively manages sweat by preventing it from getting into your eyes and face. For sports like cheerleading, where you are judged on your appearance as well as your performance, the product helps ensure that you always look your best in addition to competing at the top of your game.

The CrossGrip Hairband truly revolutionizes how you can compete, which is why it has been embraced by so many top athletes around the world. The brand ambassadors for MaxFlow, all of whom have embraced the CrossGrip Hairband, include marathon runner Sharon Wilhelm, fitness model Lauren Rae, commercial and fitness talent Kim Miller, and health and fitness expert Shannon Jay Dougherty. The MaxFlow Sports website features several testimonials from professional athletes, including a Women's Olympic and World Cup soccer player, who states, "I think the bands are the best they have ever been and I can't think of any improvements."

Little things really do make a big difference when you are competing, and the CrossGrip Hairband helps prevent a little thing like your hair falling into your face from ruining your performance on the field. The product is available in four different colors, including pink, neon green, black and white, and houndstooth. It is available for purchase from the MaxFlow Sports website:

You can watch Fiteos reviewer Alicia Darby trying out the CrossGrip Hairband in this video:



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