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Cardio dance maven recently opened a popular studio in New York City and trains celebrities like Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker.

After a successful career as a professional dancer who toured the country before getting into fitness training, Anna Kaiser quickly learned what kind of fitness classes she would enjoy teaching. Working up through the ranks at the prestigious Reebok Sports Club in New York City, she teamed up with several high-profile clients, including Kelly Ripa--who she trains several times weekly. She recently went on to open her own studio, AKT In Motion, where she teaches cardio dance workouts to help clients challenge their bodies through a mix of dance, strengthening, Pilates, and yoga.

Kaiser earned her BFA in dance from the University of California before moving to New York, where she was very successful in her dance career. She was a featured dancer in the Disney film Enchanted as well as performing in NYC productions of West Side Story and Show Boat. She toured the world with the international cast of Fame! and has danced in music videos along pop stars like Shakira.

Transitioning from a dance career into a fitness-based career, Kaiser went on to study sports medicine, functional anatomy, and kinesiology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. She has also earned teaching certificates in TRX and Pilates as well as being certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

While increasing her own fitness knowledge, Kaiser began teaching body conditioning, ballet, and dance cardio at the Reebok Sports Club. Next, she began working with celebrity fitness personality Tracy Anderson, developing Anderson's workout programs and working as a trainer for several VIP clients. Anderson and Kaiser parted ways a few years ago because the two no longer saw eye-to-eye on their fitness techniques.

Until recently, Kaiser managed to fly under the radar in spite of the fact that she has been training Kelly Ripa for the last three years. Ripa's chiseled abs and incredibly toned physique can be attributed to Kaiser's total-body workouts. The TV host works out with Kaiser four to five times per week in intense 90-minute sessions.

In addition to working with her private clients (who include Sarah Jessica Parker in addition to Ripa), Kaiser has been teaching a class at the Downtown Dance Factory in New York for several years. Her students began to complain that Kaiser and her team couldn't offer enough classes each week, which prompted the trainer to open her own studio.

At AKT In Motion, Kaiser teaches classes that revolve around cardio dance--blending some of the techniques made famous by Jane Fonda with pop culture dance moves. The classes also include strength training exercises, using booty bands, light weights, and core exercises like planks and lunges. According to Kaiser, the classes are about two-thirds dancing and one-third strengthening. She told Well + Good NYC, "I'm teaching high intensity interval training using dance instead of plyometrics."

Kaiser's students keep coming back, in part, because she is able to teach even non-dancers how to successfully do the moves she requires. By participating in one of her classes or signing up for private or semi-private training, you are guaranteed to get a great workout and have fun doing it.

You can watch a video of Kaiser teaching a 10-minute "booty workout" here:



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