ACTIVATE Vitamin Drink


Unique twist on vitamin water ensures that the nutrients don't lose their potency over time by storing them in the cap until it's time to drink.

It's very difficult to get the recommended daily value of most nutrients from your diet alone, which is why vitamin supplements have been so popular for years. Unfortunately, the prospect of swallowing "horse pills" keeps many people from getting the vitamins they should. The introduction of different vitamin-infused waters and sports drinks over the last decade has gotten more consumers supplementing their nutrients than ever before, but recent research has shown that there is a problem with most of these beverages. As Vitamins A, B5, B12, and C sit in water for too long, they lose their potency and become less effective. Discovering this fact led to the launch of Activate--a new nutrient-enhanced beverage with a "twist."

Activate founders Anders Eisner and Burke Eiteljorg first came up with the idea for the product as they sat in an airport and tried to pour a powdered vitamin supplement into a water bottle. After making a mess, they decided there must be a better way to mix nutrients into a beverage. They resolved to design a bottle with a cap that could store the vitamin powder in a separate compartment and then release it into the water right before drinking. Once they created their prototype, the concept behind Activate had been born.

In addition to providing necessary vitamins and minerals, Activate promotes itself as a great-tasting, naturally sweetened product. Each bottle contains zero calories and zero grams of sugar--sweetened instead with Stevia. It's even delivered in a 100-percent recycled bottle. Of course, the crown jewel for the founders is the unique twist top that releases the vitamins from a moisture-resistant compartment when you first open the bottle.

Activate comes in 10 different flavors, and each flavor corresponds to a unique combination of vitamins meant to target your body in a specific way. The Orange Twist flavor, for instance is known as Activate Defense. It's designed to give your immune system a boost, so it includes 250 percept of your daily Vitamin C and 100 percent of your Zinc in addition to nutrients like Vitamins A, B5, B12, and E. The Lemon Lime flavor is called Activate Charge and provides an extra energy boost through Vitamin B6, yerba mate extract, and natural caffeine. Every flavor is different, but the company insists they are all delicious.