5 Fitness Trends to Watch for in 2016


Recent fitness trends show no sign of flagging as we enter 2016.  Yoga and Pilates have evolved into perennials along with step aerobics.  Newer trends like boot camp workouts, body weight resistance and gimmicky 5K and 10K races (color runs, mud runs, zombie runs) remain popular.  Nevertheless, there are a few new exercise trends competing for your workout time and dollars. 

Trade in Boot Camp for Paw Camp Based on the theories that overweight people tend to have overweight dogs, and that workouts are more fun with company, there are up and coming programs that include you and your pooch.  Both canine and human diets are overhauled, and both participate in exercise routines that include hiking, running, and agility training/obstacle courses. 

Belly Up to the Barre Barre workouts, which are based on the training ballet dancers undergo (the barre is the waist-level railing dancers hold onto while moving through positions), has been building in buzz for several years, but it is really hitting the mainstream now.  It hits a couple of sweet spots in current exercise trends: low-impact, little to no equipment required, and focus on core strength and flexibility.  Most of the big gym chains offer barre classes or will soon, and it is spreading to the smaller, local gyms as well.

Go for the HIIT Points HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is more of a category than one type of exercise, involving working out in short, very intense bursts, with time spent in recovery between sets.  Physiologically your muscles get more bang for the buck in this training style, and it appeals to the ever increasing need to get things done efficiently and quickly.  HIIT has changed cardio and weight training styles for many already, and it will continue to spread to various other styles of exercise as well.

Cross-Training with Yoga With HIIT and the popularity of circuit training, the need for basic core strength and stability has only grown, and yoga is one of the best ways of cultivating this.  Watch for yoga to be incorporated into overall strength and cardio programs to the point where even the muscleheads will be attempting downward dog.

Compete with Your Wearable Fitness Device.  As wearable fitness devices like FitBit and Jawbone become more popular, look for routines and competitions built around the social networking possibilities.  This also intersects with the popularity of smartphone fitness apps.  Most of these come with the built-in ability to post your daily scores online, and social networking groups with similar goals, as well as organized competitions with prizes, are a natural result of this. 

If none of these new trends sound all that appealing, and you are happy with your cardio, yoga, or Pilates routine, have no fear -- these fitness staples are not going away!  But for those who get bored and like to try the newest and hottest exercises, or who want to shake up a tired routine, or who need something a little different to get them off the sofa, consider exploring one or more of these exercise ideas in 2016!


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